Rotating Warning Light
1.Types: Rotator version
2.Light source: bulb 12v 10w
3.Viewing Distance: Visible from.
a distance of 1000 ft
4.Lens Diameter: 180mm.
5.Operation: Rotator rate 60 times .
per minute +/- 10% or steady burn
6.Weight: 800gms complete w/o batteries
7.Material: High impact Polycarbonate
lens and base
8.Available color: Yellow or Red
9.Operating Time: 2 months on two 6 volt .
4R 25C battery
10.Construction: Universal anti-theft .
mounting bracket, 3600 swivel axis base
11.Operating Instruction: In the housing
locate the 5mm hole for the on / off switch,
depress the switch once the light will now
operate automatically from Dusk to Dawn.
To change the battery, remove the base
cover and simply replace the battery (ies)
depending on your operational .

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