Solar Traffic Sign
1.Size: 1000*1000mm
2.Soalr panel: 10W
3.Battery life span: 3 years 12V/17AH
4.Solar charging system life span
5.Timing term: 30/min
6.Running days under overcast and rainy
7.Voltage: 12V DC
8.Visibility distance: Over 200 m
9.Practical standard luminance: Amber
10.Red: 3000mcd
11.Reflective PVC Color Amber\black
12.Illuminant LED Illuminant color:
Amber JT/432-2000, RedJT/431-2000
13.Luminance: Amber 6500mcd,
red 3115mcd9.Continue Cloudy
Working Days: 15-20 days
Solar Traffic Flash Light
1.Light box size: Height370mm,
width370mm, thickness200mm
2.Light source size: Diameter300mm
3.Light source center light intensity
4.Light source color: Yellow
5.Light source shape: Round,
with"slow", arrow
6.Light source flashing occupying
rate: 20%
.7.Light source average power: 2 watts
8.Solar panel size: 364mm*300mm*
25mm solar cell output power: 10W
9.Solar cell average output voltage: 8.7V
10.Accumulator capacity: 300Ah
11.Illuminating time under continuous
overcast and rainy days: 5 days

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